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Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster carer! 

What would you do if you and your pet had a drastic change in circumstances? Everyday people are faced with hard decisions over their welfare and that of their pet. 

People 4 Pets Inc. foster carers provide temporary care for pets while their owner is in crisis. Whether they are in emergency housing, going through a domestic violence separation or suddenly find themselves homeless we will care for their pet until their situation improves. 

Fostering is fun, and can be a great way to have a pet in your home without the committment of 15 to 20 years of pet ownership. Essentially, you will need to treat the animal as you would your own pet while he/she is in your home.

We want to make fostering fun for you and your foster pet. We offer support and advice – in return we hope you will want to foster again (and again!). We don’t pressure foster carers to take animals that they are not comfortable with as this would be stressful to both the carer and the foster pet.

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Declaration: I have read, understood and agree to the above information. I certify that the information provided here is accurate and complete. I authorise reference and background checks as necessary. I understand that any falsification of the above information may be grounds for denial of this application. I authorise a People 4 Pets Inc. representative to conduct a yard check of my property/home where the animal(s) will be kept. I understand that services performed by an individual for the People 4 Pets Inc. Foster Program are of a voluntary nature and are without any express or implied promise of salary, compensation, employment, or payment of any kind. I acknowledge that People 4 Pets Inc. are obligated to notify the relevant local Council of new foster carers in their Region. People 4 Pets Inc. will not be liable for any infringements you may receive if your pets are not registered with Council.